Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education ICEE

Narva Vocational Training Cnetre participates in the project „Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education ICEE“ financed by Junior Achievement Europe EU programm Erasmus+.  

The project is aimed to support and monitor students’ enterprises and their activities, staff training and impact analysis within the following 2 academic years. Second-year students (after basic school) from NVTC are involved in the project in this academic year.

The teachers of NVTC attended the training by JA Eesti “Student Enterprise” in August 2015, met JA Eesti student enterprise graduate Dajana Grasman in September and within the frames of Entrepreneur Week in the beginning of October raised a lot of ideas on setting up student enterprises. They start their activities in October which will be summarized by the end of the academic year and the new one will start with new student enterprises.

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