Sales techniques: gold rules.

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Overview of the learning object

Title: Sales techniques: gold rules

Target group: students getting the profession Shop-assistant with minimum base of English-B1

Duration: 8 academic hours

Description of the learning object: This learning object consists of illustrated vocabulary development exercises, grammar lessons, narratives or brief readings, and exercises on employment-related topics. It is meant to provide the students with confidence in a professional setting where knowledge of the terminology in English is presumed. In addition to the relevant vocabulary, the students are also guided in terms of the language structures needed in a professional setting. They will learn how to form and ask questions, answer enquiries as well as describe processes.
Assessment is based on individual work with vocabulary and language-structured exercises. Students have to pass a final test at the end of this learning object.

Course instructors: Natalja Varkki Maria Shustova

E-object publication: 2011

Educational institution: Narva Vocational Training Centre








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