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Overview of the learning object

Title: Working in retail

Duration: 8 academic hours

Description of the learning object: This learning object consists of illustrated vocabulary development exercises, grammar lessons, narratives or brief readings, and exercises on employment-related topics. It is meant to provide the students with confidence in a professional setting where knowledge of the terminology in English is presumed. In addition to the relevant vocabulary, the students are also guided in terms of the language structures needed in a professional setting. They will learn how to form and ask questions, answer enquiries as well as describe processes.
The first section addresses job titles and duties, daily schedules and expressions, students need in the immediate work space. Topics in this section include identifying problems, filling in personal CV, describing working conditions, expressing needs and requirements for the job interview. The second section focuses on shop talk about food and goods in various departments, including job-specific vocabulary, simple expressions and explanations, social language.

Assessment is based on individual work with vocabulary and language-structured exercises. Students have to pass a final test at the end of this learning object.

Target group: students getting the profession Shop-assistant with minimum base of English-B1

Course instructors: Natalja Varkki Maria Shustova

E-object publication: 2011

Educational institution: Narva Vocational Training Centre







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